Data Model


The sample demonstrates how to edit events using client side script.

Options used in the sample:

  • calendars - available calendar objects array. This option is read-only.
  • selectedDate - the selected date.
  • visibleCalendars - array of the calendar names which need to be shown. Default values are "Default", "Home" and "Work".

Client side methods used in the sample:

  • getOccurrences - Retrieves the array which contains the full list of Event objects in the specified time interval. Note, this method will create instances of the Event object for recurring events.
  • addEvent - add new event to a data source.
  • deleteEvent - delete event from the data source.
  • deleteCalendar - delete existent calendar from the data source.
  • showEditEventDialog - call this method in order to display built-in "edit event" dialog.
  • showEditCalendarDialog - call this method in order to display built-in "edit calendar" dialog.