Declarative Binding


The C1BarChart supports binding data from an external data source on the server.

DataBinding is allowed by setting the DataSourceID or DataSource and DataBindings. The following properties are used to bind X, Y values to the specified data field:

  • DataSourceID - for specifying the data source which is located in the App_Data/C1NWind.mdb
  • DataBindings - for specifying the series bindings
  • C1ChartBinding.XField - for binding X to the specified field name
  • C1ChartBinding.XFieldType - for binding XType to the specified field name
  • C1ChartBinding.YField - for binding Y to the specified field name
  • C1ChartBinding.YFieldType - for binding YType to the specified field name

DataBindings is a collection that contains the C1ChartBinding instances. C1ChartBinding includes the following properties:

  • DataMember - for specifying the name of the list of data if the data source contains more than one list
  • HintField - for binding Hint content to the specified field name

If the HintField property is set, then moving the mouse to a series will show the hint value that has the same index with the series.