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Prolonged Data Deprivation: Four Case Studies 
The Psychology of Computer Cooking
Publisher: New Moon Books Publisher: Binnet & Hardley
What happens when the data runs dry? Searching evaluations of information-shortage effects.  
Our Price: $19.99 Our Price: $15.00
Life Without Fear 
The Gourmet Microwave
Publisher: New Moon Books Publisher: Binnet & Hardley
New exercise, meditation, and nutritional techniques that can reduce the shock of daily interactions. Popular audience. Sample menus included, exercise video available separately. Traditional French gourmet recipes adapted for modern microwave cooking.
Our Price: $7.00 Our Price: $2.99
Is Anger the Enemy? 
Silicon Valley Gastronomic Treats
Publisher: New Moon Books Publisher: Binnet & Hardley
Carefully researched study of the effects of strong emotions on the body. Metabolic charts included. Favorite recipes for quick, easy, and elegant meals.
Our Price: $10.95 Our Price: $19.99
You Can Combat Computer Stress! 
Net Etiquette
Publisher: New Moon Books Publisher: Algodata Infosystems
The latest medical and psychological techniques for living with the electronic office. Easy-to-understand explanations. A must-read for computer conferencing.
Our Price: $2.99 Our Price: $19.99
Fifty Years in Buckingham Palace Kitchens 
Cooking with Computers: Surreptitious Balance Sheets
Publisher: Binnet & Hardley Publisher: Algodata Infosystems
More anecdotes from the Queen's favorite cook describing life among English royalty. Recipes, techniques, tender vignettes. Helpful hints on how to use your electronic resources to the best advantage.
Our Price: $11.95 Our Price: $11.95
Onions, Leeks, and Garlic: Cooking Secrets of the Mediterranean 
Straight Talk About Computers
Publisher: Binnet & Hardley Publisher: Algodata Infosystems
Profusely illustrated in color, this makes a wonderful gift book for a cuisine-oriented friend. Annotated analysis of what computers can do for you: a no- hype guide for the critical user.
Our Price: $20.95 Our Price: $19.99
Computer Phobic AND Non-Phobic Individuals: Behavior Variations 
The Busy Executive's Database Guide
Publisher: Binnet & Hardley Publisher: Algodata Infosystems
A must for the specialist, this book examines the difference between those who hate and fear computers and those who don't. An overview of available database systems with emphasis on common business applications. Illustrated.
Our Price: $21.59 Our Price: $19.99
Sushi Anyone? 
Secrets of Silicon Valley
Publisher: Binnet & Hardley Publisher: Algodata Infosystems
Detailed instructions on how to make authentic Japanese sushi in your spare time. Muckraking reporting on the world's largest computer hardware and software manufacturers.
Our Price: $14.99 Our Price: $20.00
But Is It User Friendly?
   Publisher: Algodata Infosystems
   A survey of software for the naive user, focusing on the 'friendliness' of each.
   Our Price: $22.95

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